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As the regional manager for RG Commercial Cleaners I have the responsibility for some 100 commercial cleaning contacts. The diversity with these is immense, as there are clients’ sites with cleaning needs as small as one daily cleaning hour per day to such sites with as many as 30 cleaners. There are even some commercial buildings with a need for 24 hour cover. In sites with a need for 24 hour cover, this means a complex rota for delivery of all the office cleaning needs.

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Usually there will be the early bird office cleaners, working from between 5am and 9am. These are lead by the cleaning supervisor.

The cleaning role then moves to day time cleaners, which is a fairly new cleaning need to the UK market. This normally takes the shape of janitors and housekeepers, with a responsibility for such tasks of as periodic cleaning. This may be something such as closing a toilet and delivering a deep clean. There is a need to replenish cleaning products for the night team, and to constantly replenish toilets with paper products.

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The day time cleaners will stagger their lunch breaks and finish times to ensure the building always has cleaning cover. This is a large commercial contract, with cleaning needs as specified by the facilities manager. As the regional cleaning manager, I have to ensure this happens.

As daytime cleaners leave, the night cleaners enter the office, and begin to clean office sections as they close down. They have to complete all the office areas throughout the night, leaving the industrial parts of the building which function through the nights. This is cleaned by the early bird cleaners which brings you back to the beginning of the 24 hour shift.

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Some staff keep where possible to the same cleaning shift patterns, others are happy to move from daily cleaning or night cleaning. Providing their hours are the same, and they have all been trained in the needs of all the building cleaning needs.

There is some commercial cleaning which is completed in such large building by our specialist cleaning department. Tasks that fall into this category are external window cleaning, carpet cleaning, strip and seals – all tasks within a large building that a reputable commercial contract cleaning company would be expected to deliver.