Marta Rocamora (Spain)

Marta Rocamora is a visual artist, illustrator and maker born in Barcelona and based in London. She creates delicate drawings and watercolours that are magical objects. 

Their purpose is to make manifest in this reality the deepest wishes of her soul.  She also works on a larger scale, creating installations that bring to question societal habits and seek to inspire new ways of interacting with our immediate environment. Both facets of her output are infused with subtle humour and zest for life.

Barbora Mrazkova (Czech Republic)

Using mostly analogue techniques, Barbora tries to analyse and document the beauty and poignancy, as well as awkwardness of human relationships. 

Tera Pechmannova

Tera took residence in RED Art studios since their onset in 2013.

Jaime de la Torre

Big scale drawings, Printing, Photography and Video Art... Jaime De La Torre AKA Jay Kaes collects kinetic lines, the malleability of form, the distribution of the planes and colours.