Lush Multi-Sensory Fragrance Gallery

     “Just as music is art for the ear and painting is art for the eye,perfume is art for the nose”

London’s first ever gallery dedicated to olfactory artworks will launch in Shoreditch on December 8, 2012 at the Red Gallery, 1-3 Rivington Street, London.

Gorilla Perfume is pleased to celebrate the opening of our new gallery, designed to showcase an exploration of and devotion to the sense of smell with a multi-sensory extravaganza. Critically acclaimed perfumers will introduce new scents alongside the works of award winning composers, multimedia artists, illustrators and pop-culture icons, who have created olfactory-inspired responses to the theme of sensory engagement.

Much of Gorilla Perfume’s work is inspired by poetry and music, and the gallery provides a space in which the currents of influence can be revealed and explored. The gallery will be transformed into a labyrinthine sequence of installations to invite interaction.

We see making perfume as an art form. Gorilla Perfume is an antidote to boring mass-market fragrance. We want people to get excited about good quality fragrance, and champion British perfumery. In contrast to most perfume companies, who spend millions on advertising campaigns, Gorilla invests in ingredients. We believe in substance, as well as style, and the perfume critics agree.

Renowned critic and co-author of ‘Perfumes - A Guide’ Tania Sanchez states
“If I ran the world, this is how fragrance would work: All the money spent on the juice.”

At the gallery, we will be launching Volume 2 of the Gorilla range - of which Tania’s co-author Luca Turin, upon his sneak preview of the new scents immediately tweeted:

‘Great perfumery lives: Gorilla Perfumes' ‘Sikkim Girls’ and ‘The Voice
of Reason’ are proof.’

The Gallery will host new work by:

Mark and Simon Constantine: Perfumers.
John Metcalfe: Composer (Duke Quartet. Factory Classical)
Simon Richmond: Composer (Youssou n’Dour, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Kyoto Jazz Massive)
Sheema Mukherjee: Musician (Transglobal Underground)
12 Gates to the City: Sound Artist (Atist in res. Slovak National Gallery)
Plastic Crimewave: Illustrator / Musician (Galactic Zoo Dossier, The Chicago Reader, founder Million Tongues Festival)
Dan Meth: Cartoonist (Nite Fite, The Meth Minute, Pop Culture charts, Funny or Die, The Huffington Post)
Paul Tvaroh: Bartender, Lounge Bohemia

Gallery Hours
Mon-Fri 11-7
Sat 11-6
Sunday 1-5

Please visit our website for more details:

Gorrila Perfume recently completed a UK tour called The Golden Hour: Infused and Bemused, curated by Ryan Van Winkle, Reader in Residence at the Scottish Poetry Library. We commissioned burgeoning artists in a whole range of artistic mediums who were inspired by our perfume range. Please visit our youtube site to view beautiful performance by some of the very best up-and-coming performers in the UK.

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