Art club presents - Voyage Dans La Lune - London screening

Voyage Dans La Lune (1902)
Director:  Georges Melies
As part of the Art club event being held here at Red we are proud to announce the screening of the classic 1920's si-fi French film  Voyage Dans La Lune
Voyage Dans La Lune is the first ever science fiction film, one of the first colour films and without doubt the earliest steam punk film ever made. It is the most genuine example of retro futurism you could ever hope to see.
Released in 1902, Voyage Dans La Lune was for its time an incredibly futuristic project. Shot using some of the earliest animation, interspersed with live action, split lens trickery and special effects that must have stunned its late Victorian audience.
The film was the product of the imagination of Georges Melies, a Parisian magician and curiosity shopkeeper, who applied his fascination with the illusionary to film. In the process he anticipated not only special effects, but also whole film genres.
Lost for decades, fragments of the film were painstakingly collected together from the few remaining incomplete copies that had been stored in collections around the world. The original film had been hand painted, but over time the colour had been lost from the prints. When the re-assmbled fragments were finally restored into the whole, complete film, each frame was hand coloured back to its original state.
Finally, the Parisian band Air, who are past-masters in retro-futurist sound, were asked to create a soundtrack for the film. Which they did with astonishing results.
The whole project was painstakingly carried out by Lobster, La Foundation Groupama Gan Pour La Cinema and the Technicolour Foundation. They have kindly given Noise of Art permission to screen the film at Art Club. This is only the second time the film has been seen on a big screen and over a live PA, in London.

Art Club includes the following

Art: Your Mum, Overlap, Mark Scott-Wood, Sophie Clyde, Hayley Hare, Charlie Tuesday Gates, Paul Kindersley, Kevin Broughton & Fiona Birnie, Oliver McArthur Tring, Emma Condliffe, Sean Vicary, Tristram Aver, The Itinerant Poetry Librarian


+ Music: Live music and DJ sets from -

Si Begg

Chris Coco

Ben Osborne (Noise of Art)

Lazlo Legezer (My Toys Like Me/ Niceup dfunction)


Mystic Rock (The Thing)

Peter Hepworth

Rupert The Brewer

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