After The Fall Berlin 1990 2000 - How to Buy Prints

Order bespoke framed prints online by Ben Debiel and Zictmachine from The Printspace.

Simply go to the web links below to select the artwork from The Printspace’s online gallery.

Ben Debiel: LINK HERE

Zeitmaschine: LINK HERE

You will be guided simple steps to choose frame size, colour, moulding type and mount to your exact personal specifications.

Each artwork is produced to order. Production time will be up to 5 days for prints, or 15 days for framed prints.

The time taken to deliver your order PLUS production time will give you the date you can expect receipt of your order. Couriers are 1 day within the UK and up to 4 days outside. Any questions please contact us using the details below or on the order confirmation email.


Theprintspace was launched in 2007 and has quickly grown to become the UK’s leading professional photo and art printing service. They offer printing, mounting and framing, both online and in-house in Shoreditch, London. A firm favourite with creative artists and photographers, theprintspace’s award-winning service offers gallery-standard quality at affordable prices, which is why they are consistently chosen by Turner Prize-winning artists and National Portrait Gallery award-winners.

theprintspace has recently launched thehub, a new online ordering system which allows users to store their images online for easy reprints and create customised, branded online art stores to sell prints of their work directly to the public. This service is another demonstration of theprintspace’s commitment to providing creatives with the tools they need to succeed and prosper in the art and photography world.