Object Culture: Art as Viral-Commodity

paul sakoisky, mike watson, our history

The exhibition concerns the creative, intrinsic and problematic relationship between Art and Object, that is our contemporary stereotype of art as object, as commodity, and of the artwork as objection, that is, as a form of protest in the most general sense. objectum - to present to the mind • to throw in the way, to present, hinder • ob- in the way, + jacere, to throw …cult_ra • cultivation, cultivate • cultus - till, cultivate, worship • k–el – to move, turn (around) …

Artists: Tony Brennan • Marc Vaulbert de Chantilly • Jackie Clark • Andrew Cooper • Thomas Draschan • Richard Ducker • Mark Hammond • Alexander & Susan Maris • Anne McCloy • Brendan Quick • Paul Sakoilsky • Geraldine Swayne • Gavin Turk

Live music and films by: Andy Collishaw (DJ) • The Dark Times Trio •
Thomas Draschan • Andy Fraser (DJ) • Princess Julia (DJ) • ‘Lady Lovely Lute’ • ‘The Light of Gonk’ •
Rex Nemo & The Psychic Self-Defenders, featuring Dr. Bombastic • Prasanth • Richard Tony

Curated by Paul Sakoilsky with  an accomanying publication containing a dialogue between Sakoilsky and Art Theorist and Writer, Mike Watson. publised by {ourhistory}