The Nine O'Clock Slot – A New Immersive Theatre Experience

Nine o’clock: the time of day that Councils bury the poor, the isolated, and the forgotten. These are the funerals that no one attends.

ice&fire confront the disturbing rise in the number of so-called ‘paupers’ funerals’ in modern-day Britain, in this experimental new play that retraces the stories of four individuals buried in the same communal grave.

Performed here at the Red Gallery, the production explores death and dying, the most universal of experiences yet also one of society’s greatest taboos. Using an unexpectedly light touch, the play focuses on lives that end alone, with – for various reasons – nobody there to arrange a burial other than the State. Fusing film, choreography, and spoken-word poetry with skilled physical comedy and even some song-and-dance numbers, this is a 360-degree immersive theatre experience.

This play was developed with the support of the National Theatre Studio and is generously supported by The Arts Council England, The Wellcome Trust and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

Tickets should be booked through the Rich Mix (as below) but must be collected at the door of the Red Gallery from 45 minutes before the performance starts. A pop-up bar will be running from one hour before the show and until midnight after the show.

The play is devised and produced by ice&fire a theatre company that explores human rights stories through performance.

Starts this Thurs night doors open from 6.30pm with an Red Gallery theatre bar open till midnight

How To Book tickets: see links below

The Nine O'Clock Slot – A New Immersive Theatre Experience

Nine o’clock is the time of day that Councils bury the poor, the isolated, and the forgotten.  These are the funerals that no one attends.

Performed in the industrial underground spaces of the Red Gallery in Shoreditch, the play will take you on a downward journey from the world of the living to the off-limits world of the dead and dying. Fusing film, choreography, and spoken-word poetry with skilled physical comedy and even some song-and-dance numbers, this is a 360-degree immersive theatre experience.

ice&firetheatre have an unequalled track record in bringing human rights issues to the wider public. For the past decade,ice&fire have shone a light on urgent, difficult issues with humour, intelligence and style. The Nine O’Clock Slot is their latest timely and absorbing piece.

ice&fireconfront the disturbing rise in the number of ‘paupers’ funerals’ in modern-day Britain, in this experimental new play that retraces the stories of four individuals buried in the same communal grave. The Nine O’Clock Slotis based on true-life accounts where heart-breaking stories find comic touches and uplifting conclusions. 

26 March to 19 April 2014

7.30pm (Mon-Sat); 2.30 Sat matinee

£10 tickets for first week

£15/£12 thereafter

£6140 raised for Access to Sports Charity at Disorient Express London – Prague Project

Czech Centre London, Islington Council and Red Gallery are proud to announce that 22 model trains redesigned by 35 brilliant British and Czech artists were sold during the jointly organised Disorient Express London – Prague live charity auction, which took place on Thursday September 19th 2013 at the Red Gallery. The successful event enabled the organizers to raise £6140 for the Islington-based charity Access to Sports.

The Disorient Express train set was originally exhibited at the Czech House during the London Olympic Games in 2012 as part of Czech Open 2012, the Czech cultural season in Islington. Its aim was to animate common cultural connections between Prague and London with Disorient conveying the diversity of the contemporary art scene, and also as a frank reference to the legendary Orient Express. Featured artists are among the most critically acclaimed emerging and established artists working in the UK and the Czech Republic.

The earnings will help Access to Sports widen their educational and sports activities for children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. Working with partners from the voluntary, community and statutory sectors in Islington and Hackney, Access to Sports delivers targeted programmes directly addressing some of the social and economic issues that affect London’s ‘hard to reach’ communities.

Full list of participating artists:

Sara Bergmannova, Chris Bianchi, Josef Bolf, Veronika Bromova, Tereza Busková, Darren Coffield, David Cerny, Jiri David, Milena Dopitova, Tessa Farmer, Nancy Fouts, Roman Franta, Milan Houser, Cedric Christie, Jan Kalab, Jiri Kovanda, Jaroslav Kysa, Andrea Medunová Souckova, Tomas Nemec, Pasta Oner, Michal Pechoucek, Petr Pisarik, Martina Riedlbauchova, Martin Richman, Michal Rittstein, Ronzo, Paul Sakoilsky, Milan Salak, Lucie Skrivankova, Bob & Roberta Smith, Michal Skapa, Jakub Spanhel, Karel Stedry, Jiri Suruvka, Gavin Turk.

Le Gun Art School: Random Factor

Le Gun arts collective are for the first time are opening the doors on their creative a lecture on the work of Le Gun and the theme of the session and then spend the day working with the artists on large scale collaborative drawings in an informal and fun atmosphere. In our first workshop RANDOM FACTOR we will be generating ideas using the cut up technique explored by the Dadaists, William Burroughs and David Bowie, using chance combinations of location, character, object and scenario.

For more info on the project and how to book tickets follow the links below

In the Mind of Immersive - A Sound, Art and Video Installation by Danila Luppino

IN THE MIND OF IMMERSIVE / teaser from Obsessive Compulsive on Vimeo.

In The Mind Of Immersive is a new sound, art and video installation from art director and artist Danila Luppino exploring the impact of digital technology on the female body and personal identity.

for more information see link below

Red Gallery Premises Licence Granted

Red Gallery, the groundbreaking venue in central Shoreditch, celebrates 4 years of cultural guardianship of formerly disused buildings and outdoor space with another boost.  With great support from Hackney Council and licensing advisor Liam O’Hare, a premises licence for the Red Gallery is granted until 00.30am during weekends and until midnight the rest of the week.

In May 2014 Red Gallery will grow further - a radical music platform building on the success of previous events such as the REDSONIC music festival, East End Live festival and live performances from Savages & Bo Ningen, Hookworms, dOP,  François Bayle  , Anat Ben-David, Helm, Kid Koala, Gaiser and many others. Uniquely, these events were stripped back by embracing a social media-free environment. Red Gallery will continue to enforce this policy in the basement venue in an effort to refocus on the relationship between the audience and the artists during live events. Red Gallery intends to challenge traditional convention, offering a bona fide warehouse space to showcase ideas with unprecedented freedom. 

The team are all very excited about the opportunity that has been given – to utilisethe venue 365 days in a year and to take the project to the next level on London’s cultural map. This year the team has also grown as musician and festival co-founder SAMIR ESKANDA is heading up bookings for Red Gallery live music events. As a member of Flats and Charlie Boyer & the Voyeurs and co-founder of the summer 2013 launched East End Live festival, described by Time Out as "an impressive mix of leftfield acts old and new", Samir is crafting a riveting programme to further Red Gallery’s work this year.

The team behind the project have established the venue as a progressive and respected place that hosts regular art exhibitions as well as a mix of live music events, film screenings, theatre plays, talks and community events. Created with a sense of cultural, artistic, and social purpose, Red Gallery also aims to promote regular symposiums to explore concepts that affect the community and wider debates about art, technology, music and progress (Tresor/ East End Promise/ Graandad).

If you interested in hiring the venue for your event or if you would like to participate in the cultural programming of the Red Gallery, please email us your enquiries and proposals to:

Red Gallery Artist in Residence goes to Schwedt in Germany- Open Call

RED Gallery announces unique residency opportunities for two East London female artists, at this year's international art's festival in the City of Schwedt/Oder, Germany.

In May 2011, Red Gallery staged a unique and collaborative exhibition, entitled, 'The Big Society: How the Future was Presented to Us.' [see link]. Originally inspired by Dimitri Hegemann, who runs the club and is the label owner of TRESOR in Berlin - this unique project grew to include a group of people: Dimitri Hegemann, Ernesto Leal (Co-curator & Director of RED Gallery), Matthias Hamm  (Architect), Paul Sakoilsky (curator and former resident artist at RED Gallery), Rogan Jeans (Graphic Designer) and, of course, the city of Schwedt itself.

Red Gallery is now pleased to announce the next stage of this exciting collaboration, with the wonderful opportunity of two residencies for East London based female artists at this year's international art's festival in the City of Schwedt/Oder. Taking as its theme 'PCK Art 2.0 - a new look at old pictures', the arts festival continues in a similar vein to the exhibition at the Red gallery, wherein the two chosen artists asked to enter into an open, critical confrontation and dialogue with the city's artworks and its history.

The Raffinerie Schwedt owns more than 400 works of art and they would like artists and people in Schwedt to take a closer look at these pieces.  This year's festival is also on the occasion of three important anniversaries, which the city will be celebrating in 2014: 50 years of crude oil processing in Schwedt, the 20th anniversary of the Art Association Schwedt and 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The date for the international artists' residencies is July 14 to 25 July 2014. Each participating artist will be provided with a €1000 plus expenses (includes hotel, food and travel) for taking part in the workshop.

We look forward to receiving your proposal.

Deadline for applications: ASAP

To apply and take part on the project Email:


Main sponsors of this Artists Workshop are the town of Schwedt, the PCK Raffinerie GmbH and the national park “Unteres Odertal

Red Honey - made by Buckfast bees

Red Gallery Honey: In April 2013 Red Gallery got together with beekeepers Barnes & Webb to put together a project that would help the regeneration of the bee population in London.  Two beehives, each containing one queen bee and 50 000 bees produced 20 jars of urban, Red Gallery honey in the first harvest.

The honey is a thick, dark honey with a rich, toffee flavour.  Nectar sources include Lime, Horse Chestnut, Sweet Chestnut and Wild Cherry trees.

Steph Von Reiswitz founder member of Le Gun, the London-based collective of designers and illustrators has designed the labels of the limited edition honey, which is sold exclusively in Material Bookshop.

About the beekeepers: Barnes & Webb is a London based beehive rental company set up in 2013 by Chris Barnes and Paul Webb. Totally passionate about bees and urban beekeeping they wanted to find ways of sharing this experience (and the honey!) with others.

After working in New Zealand on a bee farm which offered a hive rental service to local residents this seemed like the perfect way to achieve those aims back in England.

They are now placing hives in outdoor spaces across the city, building urban apiaries which give people local honey, pollinated gardens and the knowledge that together we’re helping to increase honeybee populations.  The experience also offers an up-close insight into the fascinating world of the honeybee.

About the Bees: Buckfast bees: chosen for their suitability for urban, backyard beekeeping. That said, once the queen has flown off and mated there can be no guarantee who she mates with so the pure Buckfast strain can end up being quite a mix.  If any of our colonies become too aggressive or exhibit any other bad traits we will re-queen them as soon as possible.

The Buckfast bee is a honey bee developed by Brother Adam (born Karl Kehrle in 1898 in Germany), who was in charge of beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey.  In the early 20th century bee populations were being decimated by Isle of Wight disease, later called "acarine" disease.  Thousands of colonies in the British Isles were killed off by the acarine parasitic mite that invaded the bees' tracheal tubes and shortened their lives. Brother Adam discovered, that the surviving colonies were crossings between Italian and native black bees.  His extensive travels across Europe, Africa and the Middle-East tracked down numerous bio-diverse species and local stocks.  Buckfast bees' origin is today in these few surviving hives.  Brother Adam became interested in honeybee breeding, using the isolated Dartmoor mating station for his experiments where he could mate the selected queens with the selected drones.  Queens and drones only mate in flight, and they can fly over 10km in searching for each other.

Red Gallery Artist in Residence goes to Slovakia - Open Call

Along with Marseille, Kosice was a European Capital of Culture in 2013. With a population of almost 250,000, the eastern Slovakian city is the country’s second largest.

It lies not far from the borders with Hungary (20 km), Ukraine (80 km) and Poland (90 km).

Thanks to its location, during the last centuries the whole region has been influenced by many different cultures, languages, religions and migrations and you can still feel this multicultural spirit in the city.

The international residential programme, K.A.I.R., is designed for foreign artists who wish to work and cooperate with Košice artists and vice versa.

Artists also hold lectures, projections, seminars and they open their studios for the public as well. A final exhibition/ presentation is included in the program.


What we provide:

-          Two month long residency in Kosice (Spring 2014)

-          Free accommodation and studio within Kasarne Kulturpark object (both fully furnished with            kitchen)

-          Travelling costs London – Kosice – London

-          Material costs up to 500 €

-          Honorary 500 € / month

What we demand:

-          A dedicated emerging artist living and working in London, open for collaboration with local              artists and willing to spend two whole months in city of Kosice

-          A presentation/ exhibition of resident’s work at the end of his/her stay

-          The artist is responsible for his/her health insurance


-          PDF n°1 - Please send a short CV including your name, address, phone, email along with           educational and exhibition background and a functional link to online portfolio (one page               max)

-          PDF n°2 – Project proposal (one page max)


DEADLINE - Midnight January 31, 2014 - All applications please email to

Into the Frame - A Synesthetic Interaction

Into the Frame is a synesthetic installation which invites anybody to explore and feel (by touching and listening) a completely new creative 3D dimension — based on a real painting.

for more info follow the links below: